[GG] Ghostz Gamerz Community

We are a US focused, international multigaming community with servers for ExileMod & Epoch/Overpoch.

As many of you know, we have been struggling because of lack of developer support, financial shortages, and declining player population. We admit that the state of the community has declined over the summer, and it’s time to address these problems and revamp the popular GG name....


With adding NIARMS mod, we have decided to offer a 10% discount to anything bought towards a donor perk, to celebrate the new mod. This includes anything in the Arma 3 and Teamspeak catagory, under donor rewards.

To use:
1. Click donor rewards, at the top of the website.
2. Click on whether you want a teamspeak perk, or a Arma 3 donation loadout.
3. Navigate to the perk you want to buy. Fill out the information it asks, and click donate now.
4. Now put in the coupon code "niarms" and click apply.
5. Click proceed to check out and finalize the payment.
6. Enjoy your new perk!

This discount will be available for rest of August.
If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask. Have fun, and game on!

We have now added the NIARMS mod to our Exile servers. You can download this mod via A3launcher, and its around 1.7gb. We will be removing mass weapons soon, so make sure you sell everything mass as fast as you can, so you don't lose anything. As of right now, the mods you need to load in are:

TRYK's Uniforms

A2OP- For Cherno

Please report any bugs/glitches with this new mod over at: http://ghostzgamerz.com/forums/bug-glitch-reporting-center.167/
Please report any suggestions with this new mod over at: http://ghostzgamerz.com/forums/suggestions-ideas.88/

Thank you for your patience, and hope you enjoy NIARMS!
Developer update:
NIARMS is 100% available as loot spawns within the servers COMPLETELY REPLACING mas items. If you see a mas item spawn, take a screenshot and issue a bug report for it, describing where, what item it is, conditions it spawned, etc.

NIARMS is in traders, prices seem fairly ironed out in my opinion, but thats just me, post suggestions down below what you think. If there is an item you know is in the NIARMS mod (minus the minigun and goshawk thermal scope) and you don't see it in traders, let us know please.

As of 8/21/2016 all we are waiting on now is for loadouts to be completed with NIARMS, so once those are done, MAS will be removed very quickly. By removed, we mean the mod will be removed from the server, and all items will go *poof*. No compensation will be given for items lost from this change. Please sell your mas items as soon as possible.

Finally, this mod and changes away from mas wouldn't be possible without the creator of this mod: Toadie. While we are in need of your support, he created an outstanding mod and is providing active development and support for it, so if you're interested, check out his patreon:...
Dear Community!

Since MAS Weapons have been removed from trader we have been left without a purchasable launcher.

As a reaction to this we added Alamut launchers to trader for 80k tabs and rockets for 30k for attack on ground vehicles.

For aerial vehicles we added Titan launchers to trader for 100k with AA rockets for 35k each.

We hope you'll make use of these new vehicle countermeasures.
As many of you know, we took the quadbike deploy away, around 2 weeks ago. Since then, we have had some feedback on this situation, and wanted to let you guys decide. The poll is simple. Either we keep things the way they are, and continue to deploy bikes to get around. Or...we change it back, and allow players to deploy quadbikes again. Please vote below.