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[GG] Ghostz Gamerz Community

We are a US focused, international multigaming community with servers for ExileMod.

Players speak up, and we listen. We will be changing our mods to make players happy and better improve our server quality. This change will allow us to attract more people due to the popularity of the mod, as well as how well it runs. We will be removing TRYK Uniforms and adding the CUP mods family.

If youre the type of person, like us, who likes to use text chat and voice comms to catch up with friends, and play games with them, then you've probably heard of Discord by now.


The community has waited long enough, so it is time to get this revival started. Let us introduce the new face of Ghostz Gamerz to its dedicated community and bring this community back to where it once was. It will take time and effort, but we have finalized a plan on where we want GG to go....

As many of you know, we have been struggling because of lack of developer support, financial shortages, and declining player population. We admit that the state of the community has declined over the summer, and it's time to address these problems and revamp the popular GG name....


With adding NIARMS mod, we have decided to offer a 10% discount to anything bought towards a donor perk, to celebrate the new mod. This includes anything in the Arma 3 and Teamspeak catagory, under donor rewards.

To use:
1. Click donor rewards, at the top of the website.
2. Click on whether you want a teamspeak perk, or a Arma 3 donation loadout.
3. Navigate to the perk you want to buy. Fill out the information it asks, and click donate now.
4. Now put in the coupon code "niarms" and click apply.
5. Click proceed to check out and finalize the payment.
6. Enjoy your new perk!

This discount will be available for rest of August.
If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask. Have fun, and game on!